Private Interview (Miss: 10 Minutes, Teen: 8 Minutes)

During this conversation with our panel of judges, you will be scored on overall first impression, personal appearance, personality, intelligence, articulation and your ability to form an opinion.

Physical Fitness in Active Wear (Teen Only)

In this competition, judges will be looking for fitness and health, posture, grace, a sense of confidence and presence and personality.


In this phase of competition, you will be scored on skill, personality, interpretive ability, entertainment and stage presence.
The use of costumes and props is allowed. 

Evening Wear (Includes Social Impact Initiative Statement for Miss)

You will be scored in this competition based on your sense of confidence, personality and stage presence, appropriateness of attire, posture and elegance.

On-stage Interview

The judges will be looking for personality, confidence, eloquence and the ability to formulate a clear opinion.