Frequently Asked Questions

What commitment is required to compete for the titles of Miss West Sound, Miss Evergreen, Miss West Sound’s Teen or Miss Evergreen’s Teen?

 You will be asked to attend a Pre-Interview with members of our board to discuss our expectations leading up to competition and to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

We have a day-long Orientation where you will turn in some of the required paperwork, meet current and former titleholders and hear from them on their year of service.

We will have a Pearl Princess Party where you and your “little” will have time to hang out and get to know each other.

We will have between 5 to 8 rehearsals, with workshops on talent development, poise and confidence on stage, interview skills development and goal setting.

Dress Rehearsal, Private Interview with your judges and Competition Day are all MANDATORY in order to compete for the title of Miss West Sound/MWS’s Teen.

We do not require candidates to be at all events, as that can deter you from being able to compete. However, we do strongly encourage you to be present for all of the events we have planned. Your participation and the effort you put into ALL areas of your experience will directly impact your success the night of competition.

Rehearsals are mandatory. If there are any events or rehearsals you are unable to attend, you are required to discuss this with the Directors in advance.

Is there a fee to compete?

Miss and Teens are required to register with the Miss America Organization annually, in order to compete; follow this LINK.  There is an application fee that helps us provide certain things for each candidate. This fee is non-fundable if you choose to drop from the competition after applying. Each candidate is also asked to secure two full-page ads in sponsorship from local businesses/individuals.

What will I be required to purchase?

We are, above all else, a scholarship program. It defeats our purpose if you (or your parents) shell out large sums of money for clothing. Being the candidate who spent the most money on her evening gown, or other pageant wardrobe, will not guarantee you a title. You will need an interview outfit, an evening gown, a fitness outfit, a costume for talent, and a couple of production number outfits. Many winners of local Miss America competitions have borrowed these items from friends or other candidates.

Judges will pick our titleholders based on how the individual carries herself on stage, answers interview questions, and performs her talent. They will not choose her based on the amount of money she spent.

What if I do not have a talent?

Everyone has a talent. Singing, playing an instrument, dancing, or performing a monologue are the most popular. However, Miss America preliminaries have seen a variety of unconventional talents over the years. Basketball dribbling to music, speed painting, performing a science experiment and sewing a dress are just a few. HERStory is a new option and our reigning Miss America won with hers. If you are committed to working with our committee and coaches, and are willing to put in the effort, we can help you be pageant-ready.

How much scholarship money will be awarded?

The amount of scholarships is determined by the amount of sponsorships we bring in. We have provided over $225,000 in scholarships and prizes to our participants since 2010 and you do not have to win the title to earn a significant scholarship amount. We offer a Lion’s Club Community Service Award, a Director’s Award, a Top Ad Sales Award, Highest Ticket Sales Award, Scholastic Achievement and a first-time candidate “Rookie of the Year” Award. These are open to any of the candidates who meet our qualifications for the awards.

What will I be required to do if I win?

Your judges will be searching for individuals who are service oriented, in pursuit of higher education and available for appearances, in Kitsap County and the surrounding areas, during their year of service. Appearances include speaking to students in our schools, attending civic organization meetings (such as the Lions Club, Kiwanis, Rotary, etc.), and attending a multitude of celebrations, fundraising events, parades, ribbon cuttings and Chambers of Commerce events.

Our titleholders will be required to attend a “Spring Forum” weekend mid-spring. You will also be required to compete for the State Miss and Teen titles over the summer. For 2023, both Teen and Miss Competitions are at the end of June.

Your year as a titleholder is what you make of it. We understand that your education, employment, family, and social life are important to your success and happiness as our titleholder and we will make every effort to work with you to ensure you have time for these things.

However, you must understand that if you say you are ready for this opportunity, be sure you are ready for the responsibility and commitment. It is okay to not want to win the title and we encourage you to tell your judges that you are here for the experience and scholarship money, if that is how you feel.

If you wish to be the next Miss or Teen titleholders, please be certain that you can make our program a priority and that you are committed to serving your community and the Miss West Sound Scholarship Program.